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Shift Drinks: Justine King, The Mooring

Shift Drinks is a new weekly column on WhatsUpNewp that hopes to highlight local hospitality professionals around town.  With so many unique, talented and passionate individuals working in the service industry, this series aims to introduce some new faces, feature some familiar ones and give you an insight into their lives outside the workplace.  

Tyler’s Two Cents: “The List” 

If you’ve ever worked behind a bar in Newport, Rhode Island, you’ve answered these questions before. “Where do I go?”  “What do we do?”  “Where do we eat?”  It’s like clockwork.  I find myself making a list for guests almost on a nightly basis in the summertime, which I actually enjoy doing contrary to popular

Tyler’s Two Cents: Oysters, Rhode Island’s Hidden Gem

Over the past decade, a renewed interest in oysters and aquaculture has bolstered a revival in the local industry.  Rhode Island’s pristine coastal waters and salt estuaries serve as ideal growing locations for these popular bivalves and over 50 farms across the state are now in the market of farming and distributing.  Aquaculture is overwhelmingly

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