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Our team believes that great local advertising helps to supplement great local content. Our aim is to partner with companies to create great local advertising that readers actually want to see and engage with.

We work with our advertisers to craft campaigns that are effective at reaching a large, local audience.

Our local advertising philosophy: 

  • Relevance: Communicate a value proposition that is genuinely of interest to your target audience readers.
  • Authenticity: Emphasize your local connection and communicate on a personal, native level.
  • Actionability: Give highly-engaged viewers a way to purchase, sign up or learn more.
  • Brevity: Readers value their time, so we help you keep it concise.

We offer partnerships, display advertising, sponsored content, and more. Check out our information below, or drop us a line if you think you’d be a perfect fit for one of our sites.

Founded in 2012, What’sUpNewp is Newport, Rhode Island’s most-read local news and lifestyle publication.

What’sUpNewp was recognized in 2018 by Rhode Island Monthly readers as Rhode Island’s best local news website. What’sUpNewp is a member of Local Independent Online News Publishers (LION) and Investigative Reporters & Editors (IRE). What’sUpNewp has been the recipient multiple grants, including one in 2018 to report on Affordable Housing.

Boasting a highly-engaged audience of about 45,000 monthly users, What’sUpNewp is produced in Newport, for those who live in, and for those who travel to and love Newport and Newport County.

Our advertisers are passionate about Newport and enhancing the local community. If you think you’re a good fit for our site, let us know.

From the award-winning team behind What’s Up Newp, What’s Up RhodeIsland was launched in September 2018 and is quickly becoming the source for What’s Up in Arts, Entertainment and Lifestyle in and around Rhode Island.

Boasting a highly-engaged audience of about a 5,000 monthly users, What’sUpRhodeIsland produces more original Arts, Entertainment, and Lifestyle coverage and content than anyone else in the market.

Audience & Demographics

The typical What’s Up Newp & What’s Up Rhode Island reader is an affluent young professional between the age of 25-44, per Google Analytics.

But we also reach a wide range of locals, including military families, local government leaders and long-time Newport residents.

  • Ages:  18-24: 27.5%, 25-34: 33.5%, 35-44: 15.5%, 45-54: 12.5%, 55-64: 5.5%, 65+: 5.5%
  • Gender: Male: 54.15% | Female: 45.85%
  • Top 5 Cities (WUN) – Newport, New York, Boston, Middletown, Providence.
  • Top 5 Cities (WURI) – Newport, New York, Providence, Boston, Middletown

What’sUpNewp & What’sUp RI Offer An Unparalleled Reach 

  • 120,000 Pageviews each month
  • 40,000 Unique Visitors each month
  • 25,000+ Facebook Fans
  • 15,000+ Email Subscribers
  • 11,000+ Instagram Followers
  • 6,000+ Twitter Followers

Our goal is to partner with companies to create great local advertising that readers actually want to see and engage with.

Premium Brand Packages

We are currently seeking a limited group of brand advertisers for our premium packages. This well-rounded marketing package gets your message across to hard-to-reach local consumers. Premium brand packages include everything you need to consistently and effectively reach your target audience.

Display Advertising Packages

Typically a 728×90 (banner) ad or 300×300 (square) ad with run of site. Ads are actionable and click thru to your website/homepage.

Sponsored Content

Powerful branding vehicle allows you to be the community’s expert on a given topic.

Other Things We Do

Host sponsored events, promoted posts, dedicated email blasts, podcasts, video, and more.

Discounts on Advertising

  • Credit card on file – 10%
  • Nonprofit discount – 12.5%
  • 6-month pre-payment – 15%
  • 12-month pre-payment – 20%
  • Both site advertising – 20%

Get Started

We work with our advertisers to craft custom campaigns that are effective at reaching a large, local audience while fitting within their budget.

Ready to get started? Contact Ryan Belmore today to get the conversation started about how we can help! Email or call 401-662-1653. In most cases, campaigns can get started within just a few hours (if needed).

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