Newport, RI Beach

Newport City Council will vote on two communications from the City Manager that will change some things at Easton’s Beach – from the rates you pay, to the way you pay at their Regular Council Meeting on May 22nd.

Action Item #5853/19 – RE:   Award of Contract – RFP 19-042 – Easton’s Beach – Parking Pay Stations (w/accompanying resolution)

Recommendation: “The Department of Public Service recommends approval of the purchase of eight (8) Hectronic Citea pay stations for use at Easton’s Beach in the amount of $62,280.00, from Hectronic North America of Fort Lauderdale, Florida”.

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This would add “pay and display” parking pay stations, similar to those used at Mary Street parking lot, to Easton’s Beach.


Action Item #5854/19 – RE:  Ordinance Amendment Chapter 2.120.010 – General Fee Schedule-Easton’s Beach (w/accompanying  ordinance)

Recommendation: “The Department of Public Service recommends updating the Easton’s Beach Amenities Fee Schedule which was last updated in 2010 with an effective date of July 1, 2019. The recommended fee schedule has the support of the Newport Beach Commission and is expected to increase revenues in an approximate amount of $120,760.00”.

Here City Council will vote on whether or not to increase fees for resident bathhouses, resident parking stickers, nonresident bathhouses, daily parking, and more.

The current and proposed fees for permits and licenses can be seen in the following packet.


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