Newport Playhouse & Cabaret Restaurant has announced that they will host auditions for their next scheduled performance, The Lone Start Love Potion, on January 7th.

Auditions Announcement

Monday January 7, 2019 7pm

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The Lone Star Love Potion

Show runs Thursday, February 21 – Sunday, March 31, 2019

Synopsis: The Wealthy Owner of a 200,000 acre Texas ranch has died. His English Butler, a Texas Maid, a Neighbor, his Niece who is the only living relative and her Husband arrive for the reading will. A mystery “Love Potion” is discovered which sends everything into chaos. There is a flow of characters in and out of doors and under beds at a frantic pace in this very high energy, sexy and hilarious show.


Please note character ages are not required age of actor.

If cast, there is a mandatory read through on January 10th @ 7pm

Melody – (Female – 20-30) The Texas Maid who is very clumsy and ditzy. Needs to be someone with great comic timing and willing to be on stage in theatrical farce underwear.

Jarvis – (Male – 50+) The English Butler who is always calm, under control and has a sharp, dry wit. Ideally this should be a very tall man.

Patrice – (Female – 30-50) The niece and heir apparent to the fortune. Conniving and easily two faced. Needs to be someone willing to be on stage in theatrical farce underwear.

Michael – (Male – 30-50) A sleesy leach who wants women and money in that order. Must be attractive and willing to be on stage wearing only a pair of boxer shorts.

Mr. Oakfield – (Male – 40+) Overweight and balding lawyer who seems quiet and mild mannered until he gets into the love potion. Must be willing to be on stage wearing only a bathrobe and a pair of boxer shorts.

Tammy-Jo – (Female – 25-40) The Texas Neighbor from across the creek. She is the fairly straight character but later turns into a temptress. Must be willing to be on stage in nightwear.

Mary-Lou – (Female – 30 to 50) The nerdy and frumpy ornithologist doing research on the ranch. She is a drab and unattractive person until she gets into the love potion and becomes a glamorous, voluptuous, sexy dominatrix. Must be able to play shy and then outrageous, have great comic ability and be willing to be onstage in sexy theatrical farce underwear.

If cast, there is a mandatory read through on January 10th @ 7pm

  • Auditions are at The Newport Playhouse and Cabaret Restaurant, 102 Connell Highway, Newport, Rhode Island. Please bring a headshot and resume and be prepared to do some cold script readings.
  • Actors must be available for all shows. Please visit the website to see all show dates and times. Please note that there are shows during the week, during the day. This is a paid acting opportunity.

Cabaret Auditions

We are looking for men and women 18 years and older with great personalities and good singing voices for our cabaret! Please bring music for one ballad and one upbeat song; be prepared to sing 16 bars of each. Pianist will be available to accompany. No CDs or a cappella. This is a paid position.

For more information, please call 401-848-PLAY (7529).

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