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The reason I am reaching out to you today is because my friend, Bobby Forster, who has contributed to this website and whom that I love very much, desperately needs your help. Bobby has been living with ALS for four years now. Since being diagnosed at the age of 25, Bobby has faced this disease with a positive attitude. He is dedicated to seeing a cure to this devastating disease while helping others who are living with ALS at the same time.

Since being diagnosed, Bobby has participated in eight different medical research studies, one of which he is convinced will reverse his symptoms once the FDA approves it. He has been fighting for the rights of patients, on both the state and the federal level. Bobby is also dedicated to the advancement of assistive technology. He got started by designing and 3D printing customized adaptive devices for people. The next thing that Bobby did was to co-found Pison Technology. The company is developing highly sensitive Emg controllers so that people with little to no body movement are once again able to interact with their environment. More recently Bobby has become involved in various brain-computer interface projects. This type of technology interprets reactionary EEG signals ( brain waves), which are then used to control a computer. Bobby is a key collaborator in the first ever Tobii integrated Bci system. This system will allow users the ability to talk, email, text, and surf the Internet.

Unfortunately, Bobby is dependent on a ventilator, as the disease has taken his ability to breathe. Because Bobby is on life support, he requires both a respiratory care nurse as well as a PCA 24/7. The issue is that the insurance coverage Bobby has only covers a portion of the cost. The rest of which Bobby and his wife Casey are responsible for. Even with the help of friends and family they are still short $8,000 per month, and they will not be able to pay for Bobby’s care in just three months.

If you could find it in your heart to help Bobby out by making a monthly donation to his care, it would mean the world to me! I know that Bobby is not willing to give up the fight, but he needs your help to keep fighting!

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You can make a contribution to his care at

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