Tear forces RITBA forced to remove American Flag from Pell Bridge earlier than expected


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Early this evening The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority (RITBA) noticed the American flag it hung on the Newport Pell Bridge had developed a slight tear and immediately took the flag down.

The flag was hung Friday morning (5/25) from the west tower of the bridge with the intention of flying this flag through the Memorial Day weekend.

Once the tear was detected, out of respect for the flag, it was taken down, according to RIBA. Although it only flew a short time RITBA says they had received many calls and accolades for displaying the American flag in such a prominent location.

A flag was hung off a tower of the Mount Hope Bridge for Flag Day in 2017, but this was the first time a flag of this nature was suspended from a tower at the Newport Pell Bridge.

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This slight setback will not deter the RITBA from its plans to display flags from its bridges during significant holidays and celebrations. RITBA is working with the contractor who installed the flag to correct the flag suspension apparatus to prevent any problems in the future. The American flags on each Bridge will be featured for significant American holidays and celebrations. You can see a full list of dates that the flags will be flown here.


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