Feroce For Governor Campaign Names Former Executive Director Of The RI Republican Party, Campaign Manager For The GOP 2018 Primary Effort


Gubernatorial candidate Giovanni Feroce has selected Robert Paquin III as his campaign manager focused on the primary.  A general election campaign manager will also be added later in the year to overlap and merge with this summer’s campaign primary efforts, according to Feroce’s campaign.

Giovanni Feroce

“I have the pleasure of naming Rob Paquin as my Campaign Manager (Primary) to execute our winning strategy for September,” said Giovanni Feroce in a prepared statement. ” Not only does he bring a massive amount of Rhode Island-specific campaign experience, he is also best positioned to coalesce all factions within the state GOP to support our campaign for governor and vote for me in September.”

According to the announcement, Paquin has been involved in Rhode Island politics for nearly two decades and presently runs Paquin Consulting Services specializing in all aspects of the political process.  He has worked with candidates on the local, state and federal level as well as PAC and advocacy groups.

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As the former Executive Director of the Rhode Island Republican Party, his administrative duties were to run and manage the main office as well as satellite and field offices during campaign cycles. He recruited and managed the entire staff – both paid and interns/volunteers. Additionally, he was responsible for social media accounts, television, radio, and print media appearances as well as writing official party platforms, editorials, and other publications.

“Giovanni Feroce stands the best chance of turning around a state sorely lacking proper leadership. Success breeds success” said Paquin in a prepared statement, “RI needs leadership and Mr. Feroce single-handedly has the skill set to do just that.”

On March 2nd, Feroce named Sarah Hale Folger, a small business developer, and marketer from North Kingstown, as his official spokesperson.


“The Feroce for Governor campaign is keenly aware that in order for Mr. Feroce to be elected governor we must employ a two objective strategy.  The first of course is winning the primary and we will win with superior planning, execution and experience.” added campaign spokesperson Sarah Hale Folger in a prepared statement.

On March 4th, Feroce named Joshua Bedoya as campaign treasurer.


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