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State House — State Representative Robert Nardolillo III (District 28 – Coventry) announced on December 11, 2017, that he will be proposing legislation in the 2018 session to end tolls for veterans and active military members traveling over the Newport Pell Bridge.

“Each day Rhode Island veterans and active military members cross the Newport Pell Bridge to gain access the Rhode Island’s only Commissary which is located at the Naval Station in Newport. Anyone who travels over the bridge without an EZ Pass pays $2 per axel each way, with an EZ Pass the price can drop down to 0.83 for Rhode Island residents” the announcement states.

Rep. Nardolillo stated, “Imagine going overseas and serving your country and being away from your family and love ones for months, if not years, then to come home to have to pay for tolls to receive services that each one of our military members deserves.”

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“I did some simple math, $4 for each trip, and let’s say one member of the military drives to the Commissary twice a week, times that by four and another twelve, that’s $384 a year. That is unacceptable” he added.

“With this proposal, we will be helping out our veterans and active military members, who at times struggle just make to make it at the end of the day”, the announcement states.

Rep. Nardolillo added, “With this proposal, the savings outweigh the cost just by being able to thank each and every one of military members by allowing them the cross the Newport Pell Bridge at no charge”.

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