Pulse Newport has added a kids fitness zone called GameON within the walls of their new expanded gym at 5 Merton Road in Newport.


GameON is a concept designed by Pulse owner Jacki Lane as a kid’s active supervision option for her gym and a new zone for KIDS ages 8-18 to have something to do in Newport at night!  The 1,200 square foot space is set up as a teen nightclub by night and was inspired by Jacki’s kids visit to ‘Crush,’ the teen nightclub in Atlantis in Nassau, Bahamas.

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The space is a clutter-free room set up with 8 big screen TVs and active video gaming consoles including Nintendo Wii Just Dance and Sports, and Xbox Kinect Adventures and Sports.  The most popular games so far have been Xbox Boxing and Paddle Tennis where the sensor on the game console sees the kids BODY as the game controller.  So they have to move to get the game to function.  On the WII it’s Just Dance that’s most popular, the kids hold controllers linked to the dancers on the screen and dance to get points.


Part of Jacki’s goal in creating GameON was to allow and encourage sports-kids to have a break from competitive sports practice, AND for non-sports kids to have an outlet to “compete” in a judgment-free zone of video gaming – together. Another goal it to help kids lose the insecurity of attending a high school dance.  With the on-screen moves coached, kids are less likely to judge their peers for moving in a ‘silly’ way, so they move MORE.  “It’s a dream come true to watch 11-13 year old boys jogging in place playing Xbox Track & Field while girls dance behind them to “Despacito,” no one is standing in a corner pointing, staring at phones, or zoning out on a screen in their bedroom playing Call of Duty with some stranger in another state via live online gaming.


Hours for GameON are Mon-Fri 8 am-noon & 3 pm – 7 pm, Sat & Sun 8 am-Noon and for the weekend evenings 6 pm – 11 pm.  Age recommendations for the mornings are ANY, for 3 pm – 8:30 pm timeslots ages up to 8/9 years old, and 8:30 – 11 pm Weekends 10 & up.  GameON is supervised at all times by kids willing to help your kids get the games going and play with them.


For 2018 Jacki is partnering with Adidas to set up a points system where kids earn sports gear depending on how many times they use GameON.  She also has a co-promotion planned with Midtown Oyster Bar and the Surf Club where GameON is FREE Friday nights 12/22 – 1/12 if you attend either restaurant and show a receipt.  Advance registration required.

For more information and for their full schedule, visit www.pulsenewport.com.

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