Littlefoot’s musical evolution of their dream pop sound has been astounding. The Boston via Providence act has gone from exhibiting raw tones and progressions to adding numerous dimensions to be more clear and poignant. Their second album, Lavender, is being officially released on November 17 and it’s an excellent example of a band both sticking to their guns while fearlessly trying new things. Erica Sutherland has herself being joined by guitarist Dash Lunde, bassist Zy Baer and drummer Matt Liset while she sings poetic lyrics and strums mesmerizing chords. Sutherland also adds her skills on the keys to a few songs for a synthy luster.

At some points the band leans towards surf rock while at other points there’s a leaning towards new wave. It’s a unique structure that blends numerous styles together seamlessly. There’s also a goth aesthetic and dark senses conveyed by Sutherland’s lyrics. Littlefoot’s new record is a product of a change of scenery and different talents being involved. It’s a bit more polished than the band’s 2014 debut Night Of The Living Dreams but that isn’t a bad thing.

“Feel Better” has that surf rock style mentioned earlier while also incorporating a bit of jazz. The beginning gives the sense of being at a luau and when the chorus hits there’s a hypnotic sensation. Sutherland adds the synth to “Oh Well” to provide a solid foundation to a rhythmic track. Harking back to the rawness of Littlefoot’s debut, “Nervous Nelly” is fantastic. There’s a personal vibe about it that confronts insecurities and learning how to be fine with being yourself.

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There will be a series of celebrations being put on by Littlefoot this weekend to ring in Lavender’s release. On November 18 they will be playing at Lilypad in Cambridge, MA with Roz Raskin’s new project Nova One and Ian Doerr. The following night they will be joined by Nova One again at AS220 with Sweetpea Pumpkin opening things up. If you manage to catch either show, don’t forget to grab a copy of the new album. It’s a record that’ll cast a spell on your senses.

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