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Archives for May 16, 2017

House Approves Rep. Carson’s Bill That Will Create Flooding and Sea Rise Training Requirement for Planning Boards

The House of Representatives approved legislation sponsored by Rep. Lauren H. Carson on Tuesday, May 16th that will require all members of municipal planning boards or commissions in Rhode Island to participate in a free training program on the effects of rising sea levels and the effects of development in flood plains. The legislation, which

City of Newport Launches ‘Newport Re-Uses’

The City of Newport has announced the launch of Newport Re-Uses, an initiative that will help coordinate, communicate, and create action around stewardship of the environment.   The City announced in a press release on Tuesday that they are committed to working together with residents, businesses, environmental groups, and volunteers to provide leadership in environmental

Newport Health Equity Zone Announces Citizen’s Mini Grant Award Winners

The Newport Health Equity Zone (HEZ) recently celebrated the completion of two successful years working to improve the health of North Side and Broadway residents in ways that residents feel is important and make an impact.  During that time, many initiatives have been created, and launched with many being led by community residents.  This past

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