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Let’s face it, most of our daily lives are just not interesting enough to warrant flocks of followers anticipating our every post but here are some Newport Instagramers whose feeds are much cooler than yours.

*Editor’s Note: Although Instagram users like @DscvrNewport and @IgersNewport are fun to follow, we tried to include Newport users that post their own content.

1. @jessannkirby: This young lady pairs the most divine ensembles with even better backgrounds, and we guarantee you’ll be able to recognize the landmarks. She may be the closest thing we have to an on-island style guru.

On the run… // ? @craigsmackay // #liketkit #newport #summer

A photo posted by Jess | PROSECCO & PLAID (@jessannkirby) on

  2. @Missionnpt: Maybe it’s the fact that they post photos of burgers and dogs so regularly or maybe it’s the way that they tie it all back to the surf community, but no matter what, they’ll fill your daily quota of Newport cool. And when they toss up a pic or two of those adorable TSK/Mission babies, it’ll really make your heart swell.  

Somebody’s #Summer day was perfect ? That is all. A photo posted by MISSION (@missionnpt) on

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3. @Forty1North: Because it’s summer all year round over there and you’ll be daydreaming about a dockside Newport Mule right when you see their photos. They straddle that divine line between on-the-water and make-your-mouth-water pictures. And they’ll give you some great ideas as to where to park your yacht next Memorial Day weekend.

Forty 1 North | Aerial View

A photo posted by Forty 1 North Resort & Marina (@forty1north) on

  4. @IYRSedu: Because you’ve always wondered what ACTUALLY goes on inside on the day to day. Here lies the skeletons of ships yet to sail, all for your daily viewing pleasure.  

Campus is open of the summer, stop by for a visit. #IYRS A photo posted by IYRSedu (@iyrsedu) on


5. @LemonAndLine: What’s not to love when their local and their motto is “Sail More, Work Less”?

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